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audience polling

Poll Your Audience, Audience Response

Interact with your audience! Get their feedback instantly!
According to trainingmag.com, 91% of listeners at business presentations admitted to daydreaming, and 39% admitted to downright falling asleep at some point. Wake them up by interacting with them. We can create presentation slides with questions your audience can immediately answer so you can see the results on the screen.

If you have details on your attendees, we can assign each attendee a keypad and we can data-slice the results. What percentage of women voted a certain way? What percentage of Californians voted a certain way? What percentage of California women voted a certain way?

Even if you're locked into an AV contract for a particular event, we can still travel to you with our Audience Response equipment give the local AV team the signal from our computers. Our systems can handle up to 1000