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Why Choose An Independant AV Provider?

Let's face it: Audio Visual pricing in hotels is often shocking.

Q: Why is this?
A: A venue's contracted AV partner splits profits with the venue thereby forcing them to pass
along those costs to you.

Q: But don't I NEED to use the venue's AV vendor? Wont' they charge me for something else if I don't?
A: Absolutely not. Everything is negotiable. Contact us for details.

Q: The hotel says they're better suited to provide AV since their techs know the property so well.
A: We know the venues as well as anyone else. Technicians commonly start out learning and developing experience in hotels. So did we. The difference is experience. Ask your venue how long their techs have been in the business. The strongest link to the success of your event is the knowledge of the technicians operating the equipment.